Standards of Education

Standards of Education

In the creation of any learning institution, it is quickly discovered that this type of venture cannot be accomplished without cost. It also becomes clear that without specified educational standards, an institution of this type lacks credibility in the public eye. With these things in mind, ASA has determined the need for certain requirements which will allow us to grow and become a respected member of the educational world.

Rev. M. L. Rosenblad          

Executive Director

Section 1: Membership

1) At no time will the American Spiritual Alliance/Gaianist Free Church deny any person membership based on their Ethnic or Religious background nor will they deny membership based on sexual orientation.

2) Any person wishing to participate in any course work or workshops must be a registered student and pay any related course or workshop fees.

3) Registration will not be accepted from any person under the age of eighteen without verifiable Parental consent. (This requirement is based on the social climate in modern society and is meant to avoid any potential legal issues). Individual Associate Temples are not required to deny membership to their individual group; this rule applies expressly to membership to the ASA. At no time will a student under the age of eighteen be admitted to Clergy training.

Section 2: Student requirements

1) All students wishing to enroll in a course are required to pay any associated enrollment fees and purchase course books prior to start of course. At no time will ASA acknowledge or provide certificates of completion to anyone not currently a registered student.

2) If the student wishes to enroll in any Clergy course and has documentation of Clergy status from another organization, course fees may be waived upon acceptance of all documentation from the issuing organization and fulfilling entry standards for Clergy training (see Clergy requirements section) as laid down by the ASA. A student falling within these criteria will be given a remedial course to bring them into line with the ASA Clergy Training standards. This does not waive the purchase of course books.

3) All course books are copyrighted and as such may not be modified without express, written permission from the author.

4) Each student is responsible for the purchase of any course books required. All books used in ASA coursework are, by design, written to be used as reference material for the future. These books may not be given away to another student. Anyone found providing these materials without cost will be subject to disciplinary action (to be determined by the Director of Educational Standards).

5) Any student found cheating will be dismissed from that course without credit or refund. A second offense of this nature will be grounds for removal from membership and any certifications prior to the date of removal disallowed.

Section 3: Clergy student requirements

1) Any person wishing to pursue Clergy training is required to have a least one year of status as a member in good standing with the Gaianist Free Church. At no time will any person under the age of eighteen years be admitted to Clergy training within the American Spiritual Alliance.

2) A written application (available on the ASA website members area), is required for consideration.

3) A background check is required for further processing of an individual’s application. ASA realizes that not all criminal history would preclude a person from obtaining Clerical status, however there are those activities which would make a person unsuitable for Ordination or Clerical training of any kind. There will be an associated (non-refundable) background check fee.

4) After successful completion of the first three requirements, the applicant would have to pass an oral interview (this interview may be in person, telephonic or electronically depending on the location of the applicants’ residence). The interview will be conducted by the Director of Educational Standards, the Director of Membership and Chief Council.

5) Prior to the commencement of training, course fees are to be paid and any required course materials purchased.

6) Any student found cheating will immediately be removed from the training process (without refund) and precluded from any further Clergy training. This would be noted in the members file and would be available to any other Organization’s Clergy training committee upon request. This does not eliminate membership with ASA or admission to any certificate classes or workshops.

7) If at any point a student receives a less than passing grade on a test (the minimum standard is seventy percent to pass on all tests), they will be allowed to retake that and only that particular test once after a minimum of one month of preparatory study. This is only available once per test and will not be extended.

8) Each student, with the exception of those allowed remedial study based on prior Clergy status, will be required a minimum of one year and one day of successful study and testing to be certified in each degree of Clergy status (see documentation provided on the ASA website for status privileges and requirements).