Current Events and Milestones

Mar. 11 2014

Rev. Joshua will be holding a book signing and meet the author event on May 3rd 2014 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Keipsake Body Emporium 182 S. Marion Ave. Lake City Florida 32025.

He will be available to answer your questions, sign his new book and fill you in on upcoming events and book releases.

Sept, 2012

The American Spiritual Alliance and the Gaianist Free Church joined together in an effort to provide a richer,fuller education, both to the Pagan community and in following an Interfaith endeavor, any spiritual path choosing to join in an arena of co-operation and understanding.

August 05, 2012   Public Statement

We wish to express our sorrow over the incident that occurred at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin today. Our prayers and energies are being directed to those affected by this tragedy.

We also wish to condemn the actions of those who perpetrated this act of needless violence. This act was made all the more cowardly because this space of Spirituality was occupied primarily by women and children at the time.

We hope you will join us in sending prayers and hope you feel outrage at this act.

Blessings to you all;

Rev. M. L. Rosenblad

Rev. Peter Hertzberg

Rev. Chris Rosenblad

Directors, American Spiritual Alliance


June 28, 2012 Crystals, Minerals and Gemstones Workshop

We are happy to announce the publication of our newest workshop booklet. This is a print version of the course we have created for our members\students. It is now ready for purchase.

Available at


June 9, 2012     Introduction to Wicca

The American Spiritual Alliance is proud to announce the publishing of its workshop booklet entitled Introduction to Wicca. It is a brief synopsis of Wiccan history, Holidays, view on Deity and a few of the myths Pagans\Wiccans have to deal with in mainstream society.


It is available for FREE download at: