Current Events and Milestones


November 2015

We are currently populating our new distance learning center in the hopes of making it publicly available by Yule 2015.

This will be a very auspicious occasion as we are now permitted to bestow Religious Degrees from Associates through Doctorate with the appropriate course schedule. We are very pleased to announce this to the public due to our unique and comprehensive course scheduling.

Watch for the announcement of availability and join us in an environment of learning and growth as we proceed into a new level of education.

Sept, 2012

The American Spiritual Alliance and the Gaianist Free Church joined together in an effort to provide a richer,fuller education, both to the Pagan community and in following an Interfaith endeavor, any spiritual path choosing to join in an arena of co-operation and understanding.

August 05, 2012   Public Statement

We wish to express our sorrow over the incident that occurred at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin today. Our prayers and energies are being directed to those affected by this tragedy.

We also wish to condemn the actions of those who perpetrated this act of needless violence. This act was made all the more cowardly because this space of Spirituality was occupied primarily by women and children at the time.

We hope you will join us in sending prayers and hope you feel outrage at this act.

Blessings to you all;

Rev. M. L. Rosenblad

Rev. Peter Hertzberg

Rev. Chris Rosenblad

Directors, American Spiritual Alliance