Meet our Founders, Mentors and Instructors

Rev. M. L. “Joshua” Rosenblad, Senior Minister, Executive Director/Founder

Born into a Pagan Family of many Generations, “Joshua” is well versed in the Pagan Culture. Not raised in the Wiccan culture, but more so in the old ways, he envisioned the creation of A.S.A. for many years before wading into the waters. In late 2011, with the help and backing of his Wife Rev. Chris Rosenblad and Brother in Spirit, Rev. Peter Hertzberg he founded the organization. He has Authored the Introduction to Wicca Workshop and the First Degree Training book used by A.S.A., as well as the Second Degree and Third Degree books. He has been published on Witchvox and has spoken in areas around the United States on the subject of Interfaith Bridging.

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PeteRev. Peter Hertzberg Senior Minister, Northern States Director/Co-Founder

Rev. Peter Hertzberg, HP realized as a teenager he was different from others his age.  It wasn’t until his 17th birthday that he found out why.  He learned he was descendant of a long line of witches dating back to the 16th century. Over the years he has studied his Craft of the Wise extensively attaining the status of Third Degree High Priest in Salem, MA.

He currently is Northern States Director for the Gaianist Free Church and Co-Founder of the American Spiritual Alliance which is an inter-faith bridge group working with all faiths to create a more harmonious atmosphere for education and tolerance.

Rev. Peter is a father of three and performs clergy duties including handfastings all over the United States. He is an advocate for marriage equality, social justice and educating those in the ecumenical studies about non-book traditions of faith. In addition, he provides clergy education for members of the Gaianist Tradition as well as teaching  ritualistic creation.

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Rev. Chris RosenbladRev. Chris Rosenblad Senior Minister, Southern States Director/Co-Founder

I grew up with a set of Parents who showed me love for nature and fellow-man. I was sent to Church to learn about the Christian (Southern Baptist) God and Jesus Christ as a child. When I became a teenager my Parents explored Mormonism, but I did not agree with their philosophies, so I kept searching in different Churches. 7 years ago I found Paganism, it seemed to fit my life and the way I felt.

I helped start the Church and Academy with my husband and a good friend, because I wholeheartedly felt it was important to show people the understanding of other Religions and that we can all work together in peace and harmony no matter the Religion. We are all brothers and sisters of the human race.

I study with my husband about all religions to better understand them and not disrespect anyone. I believe we should all learn and grow with each other no matter what you believe. If we were all the same it would be a boring world.

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