Introduction to Wicca

This workshop will be provided for free to any member who wishes to take it. It is a prerequisite for admission to our Clergy Program. This class is designed to familiarize those new to the Path with the fundamental history, practices, events, holidays and some of the various myths associated with Wicca. It is not designed to make anyone an expert on the topic of Wicca, but merely a beginning. There is an associated booklet available for a free download at:

It is suggested that you download a copy of this material if you desire to take the course.

Crystals, Minerals and Gemstones Workshop

This is the course handbook and is required for the course, it may be purchased at:

A DVD version of this course is being prepared and will contain a great deal more information than the live workshop. It will be available for purchase and addition to your library in the near future.

The workshop is a course designed to familiarize our members with the variety of uses of the many Gemstones, etc. that can be found throughout our world. The workshop in its live form will be a four hour course. The associated fee is $10.00 for the live, onsite class.

Clergy Training application process:

There is a $10.00 processing fee associated with the application. This fee covers the initial review of the application and initial background check. Having a criminal record does not necessarily exclude you from training, we do have specific criteria due to the public contact required of Clergy Members. To proceed, use the Paypal button below to prepay the application fee. Upon payment, you will be redirected to the application page. Once there follow the instructions and your application will begin the review process.