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The American Spiritual Alliance is an Earth-Based Religious\Educational organization offering classes, workshops and a variety of Religious educational services.

Many of our classes and workshops are designed to teach Pagan\Wiccan aesthetics. We are working with leaders of a number of other belief systems to create introduction workshops based on those systems. This will, hopefully, create an environment of understanding, acceptance and cooperation among the many beliefs in the world today.

We offer a full Clergy Training program (Earth-based), including First, Second and Third Degree Clergy/Curate Certification as well as full Ordination (provided by our Parent organization the Gaianist Free Church, gaianist.org). Provided with this training is a Mentoring Program to assist the Student in obtaining the highest level of education available.

Our Academy is preparing a Pedagogical education platform, it is a discipline that deals with the theory and practice of education. Currently this platform is scheduled to be deployed early 2016.

This method of education was developed by:

Johann Friedrich Herbart (4 May 1776 – 14 August 1841) is the founding father of the conceptualization of pedagogy, or, the theory of education. Herbart’s educational philosophy and pedagogy highlighted the correlation between personal development and the resulting benefits to society. In other words, Herbart proposed that humans become fulfilled once they establish themselves as productive citizens. Herbartianism refers to the movement underpinned by Herbart’s theoretical perspectives. Referring to the teaching process, Herbart suggested 5 steps as crucial components. Specifically, these 5 steps include: preparation, presentation, association, generalization, and application. Herbart suggests that pedagogy relates to having assumptions as an educator and a specific set of abilities with a deliberate end goal in mind (historical information provided by Wikipedia)

Our Clergy training program is unique to the Earth Based path as it is a four plus year course of study that qualifies for religious academic degree certification. Our Academy provides the student with many areas of study that are not commonly found within many traditional Earth Based Clergy training; such as Leadership, Temple/Church management, Spiritual Counselling, Earth Stewardship and many other areas not normally taught. Please look at our Course catalog on this site for a list of courses and workshops.

Our Clergy Staff offers a number of services including: Legal Handfastings, Non-Denominational Weddings,  Wiccanings and House Blessings to name but a few.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@americanspiritualalliance.org  or by phone 888-707-9930 (this is our main Church number).


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