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The American Spiritual Alliance is an Earth-Based Religious\Educational organization offering classes, workshops and a variety of Religious services.

Many of our classes and workshops are designed to teach Pagan\Wiccan aesthetics. We are working with leaders of a number of other belief systems to create introduction workshops based on those systems. This will, hopefully, create an environment of understanding, acceptance and cooperation among the many beliefs in the world today.

We offer a full Clergy Training program (Earth-based), including First, Second and Third Degree Wiccan Certification as well as full Ordination (provided by our Parent organization the Gaianist Free Church, gaianist.org). Provided with this training is a Mentoring Program to assist the Student in obtaining the highest level of education available.

Please note that membership is required to gain access to our training classes. If you are interested in membership, please see our Membership page for more information and an application. You will find a student application packet in the Interfaith Academy section.

Our Clergy Staff offers a number of services including: Legal Handfastings, Non-Denominational Weddings,  Wiccanings and House Blessings to name but a few.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@americanspiritualalliance.org